Boat Live

The Challenge

A pirate radio influenced COVID-19 friendly event on a boat, accessed from the comfort of your own home.

Early 2020
Web Design
Web Designer - Me
Audio Visualiser
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My Design Process: Strategise > Research > Discovery > Design > Iterate > Reflect
My Design Process


Research in the age of the pandemic has been nothing short of difficult. In order to learn more about the needs and wants of both my client and his clients, I had to get dirty - meaning I set out to attend a (socially distanced) event my client was hosting so I could learn more about what I was working with by holding some guerilla interviews.

I learned that most of the people there were true audiophiles. They cared a lot about genres, music theory and good sound systems. Most of all, they enjoyed being in good company. Their biggest shared pain point when trying to find events is not knowing the people on the lineup - this then forced them to have to dive through Soundcloud - not an unenjoyable task, but it's not that great when the music ends up not being what they expected.

Finding The Market Gap

I began first by looking at the live stream market. Looking at known streaming sites such as Boiler Room as well as event series' websites within the same field of electronic music such as Moonshine. I also looked at radio show websites like NTS, N.10as, and Netil to see what they all had in common. I wanted to keep an air of familiarity and accessibility in the creation of the site while still making it creative and fresh.

Competitive Analysis Feature Matrix: Moonshine vs Boiler Room vs NTS
Feature Matrix

Not just another live stream.

Initially, the website was meant to be black, but after experiencing his events myself, I thought the website would be better in color. The boat itself was located in the middle of a forest with lots of sun, huge windows overlooking the water and lots of fun energy. To me, this didn’t feel like it was best represented in black - but rather with color...and lots of it.
Hi-fidelity mockups

A vibrant website for a vibrant crowd

I made it easy for party-goers and audiophiles to know what music to expect when attending shows and have a no-nonsense live stream experience while watching from home.

Artist Page for Boat Live
Artist page for Boat Live

Enter the news room

When watching a livestream it should be easy to know who is playing for the night - meet the news ticker. A way to have a rolling view of what to expect. You can also easily view the lineup and genres.

Livestream Screen
Live stream page

Captivate the users!!

Upon first visiting the site, you would see the color changing screens indicating the next event soon to come.

Gif of posters for the home page
Gif of posters for home page

Last but not least...

I decided to create an audio visualiser to make hearing music on the site that much more enjoyable.

Audio Visualiser Created With 'Peace of Mind'

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